Color Block Shift Dress

Get ready for a floral explosion in your screen in 3… 2… 1… IT’S BOUGAINVILLAEA SEASON! And it makes me so happy to see them blooming all over Panama! I took some photos by this very same bush last year and and I just couldn’t resist taking some again this year. This is one of the prettiest Bougainvilleas in Panama. As we were shooting this look, the lady that owns the house –and, thus, the flowers– was just coming back home. She stopped and stared at us for a while, and so I just had to compliment the beauty of her blooms. She was so proud and so happy to see me taking photos with them. She said many people stop to take pictures, and I replied “with good reason, ma’am… They are just spectacular. It makes me so happy to see them every day”.

So, I hope it makes you happy to see them too, at least via pixels on a screen 😉

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Kate Spade Dress

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Bougainvillea photo

Kate Spade color block shift dress


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Color blocking fashion


Beach hair

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Mini bag by Kate Spade


Kate Spade outfit

Wearing a color block shift dress and the most amazing mini bag from Kate Spade in Soho Mall Panama; metallic oxfords from Zara (similar).

Photos by Raphael Salazar.