The Cami Over A T-Shirt Thing

This is an oldie but a goodie outfit I never posted around the time when I took the actual photos. Still, I think it’s always relevant to talk about basics and an easy outfit. A classic white t-shirt with a khaki skirt can seem obvious and dull until you go into details like the overlapping front of the skirt with a leather hem across one side, or if you layer the t-shirt with say, a silk camisole.

It’s amazing how much little twists can make such a difference, and how simple styling “tricks” and accessories can change any outfit; even the easy, casual ones.


Maristella wearing a basic white tee under a silky tank top and khaki skirt from Polo Ralph Lauren, Sandro block heel shoes and Saint Laurent Sac de Jour

Casual basic white t-shirt outfit idea by Maristella

Basic white and khaki outfit idea by Maristella

Simple and casual white shirt and khaki skirt outfit idea by Maristella

How to layer a cami over a t-shirt
Maristella wearing a simple t-shirt and skirt outfit idea with black and white accessories
Block heel weaved leather shoes from Sandro Paris in white leather

Cool and easy white and khaki neutrals outfit idea with black accessories and red lipstick by Maristella

Wearing a t-shirt, cami and skirt (similar) from Polo Ralph Lauren; shoes from Sandro Paris (similar) and Saint Laurent Sac de Jour bag.

Photos by Mariví González.