Rainy Day In Stockbridge

After months of planning, I am finally publishing the very first post on A Constellation. The transition from my previous blog to this one hasn’t been easy, but it’s something that I felt was truly necessary. When I started blogging, five years ago, I was a different person. Not entirely different, but I’m sure many of you out there agree with me when I say the difference from 25 to 30 years of age is quite a lot, emotionally and psychologically, in a good way! I’m not older, I am more mature.

My aesthetic has matured, my tastes have changed, my lifestyle has evolved. I am two years gluten-free and counting, I exercise, I’ve gone through opening and closing a business, moving out of my parents’ apartment, getting married… I just felt I needed this platform, where I share so much, to reflect this metamorphosis. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am excited for it.

These photos are from my recent trip to New England. My in-laws invited us on a trip to see the fall foliage, and it was so beautiful. I’m preparing a guide for you guys based on the places we visited, but in the mean time I’ll tell you where this was; a little town called Stockbridge in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. The Red Lion Inn is a landmark of sorts, a must-see and must-eat-there kinda place. We didn’t make a reservation, and the place was packed, so we couldn’t eat at the Dinning Room. Luckily the Red Lion Inn has other options like the Tavern, the Courtyard and the Lion’s Den. We picked the latter. I had grass-fed beef chili and Johnny Mash cider; the perfect combo for a cool and rainy fall afternoon.















I’m wearing a Polo Ralph Lauren turtle neck sweater, Topshop beanie, Zara bag, pants, and sneakers, with Chanel nail polish in Rouge Noir.

Photos of me by Jose Castrellon, all other photos by me.