Spring 15: Eckhaus Latta

After a few days of attending shows uptown, Eckhaus Latta’s presentation was definitely a palate cleanser. Featuring a live chorus of kids and teens who didn’t really sing to any lyrics or specific tune; they were basically ooh-ing and ah-ing harmoniously and –I think– improvising, following the conductors lead; the resulting soundtrack was soothing, together with the color of the walls, the clothes, the lighting… Everything felt warm and calm, and a little bit wet thanks to the hair & make-up. There was something primal about the experience, sensual and raw. I say “experience” because I felt like I really just wasn’t there to view the clothes but to take part in a performance piece. At the end of the show, all the models huddled closely, swaying around in sync. It reminded me of my days in ballet school, taking contemporary dance lessons. This approach comes as no surprise, as the duo behind Eckhaus Latta met while studying sculpture and textiles at Rhode Island School of Design; the artsiest of art schools.

It was a really memorable experience and I look forward to what they have in store for FW15!





Photos by me.

In collaboration with Perrier.