Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2015

My first New York Fashion Week show was Tommy Hilfiger in 2012, and I’ll never forget it. It was such a memorable experience! The Tommy Hilfiger team goes all out season after season with beautifully designed invitations printed in letterpress, magnificent sets and carefully curated music. This year was no exception. But what never ceases to amaze me is the fact that the clothes never seem to get overpowered by all the bells and whistles, or the celebrity front-row buzz, or the model-of-the-moment frenzy. The clothes, which are really why everyone is there, are always front and center of the conversation.

For Fall 2015, Hilfiger was inspired by the American sport par excellence; football. Graphic numbers, ribbed tops and details, lines, laces and plenty of leather set up the basis for the designs. The twist? Seventies silhouettes, an earth-tone color scheme and a little fur to make things interesting. I was absolutely enthralled by the accessories. Specially the lace-up wedges! Scroll below to see for your self.

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Photography by me.

Thanks to Tommy Hilfiger for the invitation.