Side Tie Shorts & Stripe Top

People always tell me it must be great to live in a country where it’s always summer… Well, I can tell you first hand that, even though I’m thankful I don’t have to endure crazy polar vortexes, I wouldn’t mind a break from the almost year long Monica’s-hair-in-Barbados level humidity. Who can dress for work when you can barely pull your pants up from your ankles? (Another Friends reference comes to mind!). That’s why I am also thankful I don’t work at a corporate job where I am expected, and almost obligated, to dress a certain way (business casual, smart something… I forget the labels but you know what I mean). Granted, you can argue jobs are a choice, but I like to think of them as more of a calling. That we are all predestined somehow for careers in letters, arts, sciences and what not. So, yes, I’m thankful I was more inclined for the visual arts because I get to wear shorts on a weekday and avoid heat stroke 🙂 On the other hand, I also wouldn’t mind to be a little better at finance and all that left brain stuff… Alas! You win some, you lose some.

Anyway; these super cute Billabong side tie shorts are from Felix in Panama. Another trend for Spring 2015 is lace-up anything: tops, dresses, shoes, bottoms… So I snatched these up quicker than you can say “We were on a break!”. Hehe… too much? Okay… Scroll down for full deets!

A Constellation blogger Maristella wears a stripe top, tragus piercing


Blogger Maristella wears Billabong side tie denim shorts in black


Billabong side tie shorts in black


Maristella Gonzalez wears a Billabong stripe top and black denim shorts


Blogger Maristella Gonzalez in a casual tee and shorts look

Wearing a stripe dress as a top from Billabong (Felix, Panama); side tie shorts from Billabong (Felix, Panama); Zara shoes (Panama, late May 2015) –similar here; Acne Studios sunglasses; Saint Laurent fringe feather necklace from Soho Mall Panama; H&M bra and bracelets.

Photos by Marivi Gonzalez.