Off The Shoulder Jumpsuit

Are you hesitant of wearing black during hot summer months? It may seem like a really, really bad idea; sure… What with black being an optical hoarder of light and heat, causing you to feel like meat on a grill and all. However, black is one of my favorite colors, and living in Panama –where it’s basically summer year-round– is not going keep me from dressing the way I like. Believe me, the temperature is just one of the many obstacles one may encounter for dressing at one’s desire here in this tropical piece of land I call home. There was, up until recently, a lack of shopping options and an abundance of criticism towards anyone that didn’t dress like the masses (a.k.a. Basic Bros and Basic B*tches). But, like the temperature, others’ opinions of my way of dressing has never skewed my wardrobe choices. Still, that has all gotten better. With the advent of the likes of Zara and Forever21, Panamanians are now much more open to a variety of styles than a decade ago, when I arrived back from art school –with a new found sense of style– and was on the receiving end of stink eyes on a daily basis. The trick is to always be comfortable. No matter what your style or where you live; always make sure you are comfortable with what you’re wearing. That’s how I wear black during the summer. I make sure that I am at ease… This means light, breathable fabrics; airy, loose fits; and preferably fully exposed arms and/or legs. Hence, this soft and breezy off the shoulder jumpsuit from the recently opened Topshop in Panama.

Do you have any tricks for wearing all black during the summer?

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Wearing a Topshop jumpsuit; Zara scarf (similar) and shoes (similar); Pull & Bear clutch (similar); earrings from Nueve Musas –Panama– (similar).

Photos by Jose Castrellon.