Kate Spade Fox Dress

Wearing my favorite piece from Kate Spade’s Fall 2015 collection today: the Fabled Forest dress (aka the Fox dress). I love the shape! I’ve always been a fan of shift dresses, I love how they can be sporty, retro or minimal depending on how you wear it. Unfortunately, my latina body doesn’t always accommodate for shifts. They’re meant to be straight, yet loose all around. But on me? They’re always, always tight around my hips making me go for one size over, which doesn’t always do the trick because then the sleeves are too long and I just end up looking sloppy. Not this one though! My size fit just fine all the way! I was going to go for the sporty route but ended up wearing my Zara boots again because they just give the dress a more grown up look. Not that I feel entirely grown up, yet… More like, AT ALL. I’m turning 31 in two weeks and I still feel like a teenager sometimes. Anyone out there feel the same way? Tell me I am not alone in this 😉



Fox Kate Spade shift dress, Fabled Forest dress


Kate Spade Fall 2015 dress


Kate Spade accessories

Blonde highlights on brunette hair


Blogger transitional fall outfit idea


Red Kate Spade bag

Natural make up look with messy waves


Blogger fall outfit idea with ankle boots


Fantastic Mr Fox inspired look

Wearing a Kate Spade shift dress and satchel bag; Zara boots; Céline sunglasses; Madewell bracelet.

Hair by Del Pozo Barcelona. Photos by Marivi Gonzalez.