The Chanel Slingback: Day To Night

It can be hard to believe Chanel’s duo-tone shoe is over 60 years old; it’s still relevant and used by thousands of women on a daily basis. In fashion –consumerism, anyone?– something that remains up to date for so long is almost unheard of! But, then again, Mademoiselle Chanel was a maven at creating timeless classics and Karl Lagerfeld is the wizard of reinvention. For Fall 2015, one singular shoe was the sole (hehe!) focus of Chanel’s collection: The Slingback. A new interpretation of the characteristic duo-tone piece of footwear we know and love. Design-wise, it’s a great feat (I’m just on a roll with puns today!); the beige seamlessly blends with the instep, ankles and legs, elongating them for days. The black shortens the length of the foot –great for a size 9 gal like me! The sling provides movement and the relatively small square heel gives us just the right amount of height without sacrificing comfort and support. Plus, it’s a shoe you can take so easily from day to night. Whether you work in a corporate or creative work environment, or if you’re meeting your girls for coffee or your significant other for a date… The Chanel Slingback is so versatile, I trust that you won’t need another shoe in your life. Of course, fashion is not (always) about necessity… 😉

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Workwear look: Style Mafia dress; Chanel jacket, bag and shoes.
Coffee break look: Style Mafia shirt; Chanel jeans, shoes, bag and sunglasses.
Date night look: Alexis romper; Chanel jacket, bag, shoes; CH Carolina Herrera earrings.

Photos by Marivi Gonzalez. In collaboration with Chanel.