Plants, Pizza & Perrier Jouet

There are three things that I’m addicted to but don’t indulge in nearly as much as I’d like: plants (I literally have to contain myself every time I pass them at the supermarket, or else our apartment would be more jungle than living space), pizza (if it wasn’t because of a little thing called gluten, I’d still be eating at least one pizza per week), and champagne (OK, I probably indulge in this too much!). So when Mario decided to open Botánica –part plant store, part pizza place, part wine and bubbly bar– I was beyond excited. I’m still waiting on the gluten free pizza he promised to one day make, so I have yet to actually try the pizza, but I’ve heard wonders about it… And Botánica is so charming anyway, it’s still a great place to hangout in and, of course, have some champagne and plates other than pizza. But really, when you have Perrier Jouet and pizza on the menu, you pretty much ignore everything else right? I know I do!



Champagne and Pizza

Miniature green house


Glass dome with plants


Champagne and Pizza



Decorating with plants


Terrarium ideas


Perrier Jouet Champagne

Photos by me.