Art Direction for Nativo Skincare

Happy Monday everyone! Today I want to show you some of my recent design work. I’ve been working with Nativo Skincare for the past two years here in Panama developing their identity and branding all their line of organic and artisanal skincare products. Isabella –Nativo’s owner, creator, formulator and all around #GirlBoss– is a dream of a client. We just get each other so well, I trust her vision and she trusts my instincts. This is a true passion project and to finally get it all together for some still life photos and product shots is a huge milestone in our client-designer relationship. It feels like such an accomplishment, seeing everything together as a cohesive whole.

Our inspiration for these still life shots was to combine natural materials –stone, wood and flora– with the products themselves. The lighting somewhat resembles the morning sun and creates interesting, graphic shadows that combined with the lines of the stone and the mirrors, assemble a geometric setting that’s equal parts fun, sleek and sexy.

Nativo is available via their website and also on Urban Outfitters.

Thanks for reading.



Minimalist label design for Nativo Skincare by graphic designer Maristella Gonzalez

Nativo Skincare Clay Mask label design by Maristella Gonzalez using Apercu font with Raisonne font

Memphis style still life product shots with marble, granite, tropical flowers and leafs

Nativo packaging for Face Oil designed by Stellar Studio

Nativo product labels designed by Maristella Gonzalez

Memphis style art direction with marble, monstera leaf and mini calla lilies

Anthurium flower, anthurium still life, memphis style art direction, Nativo beauty products

Beauty product packaging and graphic design by Maristella Gonzalez

Lip balm packaging designed by Maristella Gonzalez for organic and natural beauty brand Nativo Skincare

Art Direction by Maristella Gonzalez for Nativo beauty products

Simple, clean, minimal, monochromatic package and label design for an artisanal organic beauty and skincare brand Nativo by graphic designer and art director Maristella Gonzalez of Stellar Design & Direction

Black and white package and label design for Nativo Skincare by Maristella Gonzalez

Anthurium flower and tropical leafs still life with marble and granite for Nativo Skincare by Maristella Gonzalez of Stellar Design & Direction

The photos were shot by Jose –it’s always fun to get in the studio and shoot with him!