How To Wear Fringe Without Looking Over The Top

I see a lot of people shy away from fringe pieces because they think they’re too much. They attract too much attention; not everyone is a peacock and everyday is (unfortunately) not fashion week. So if you want to wear a little fringe, but don’t know how to pull it off without feeling like a you need to be shuffling or tap dancing 24/7, I offer you this alternative: tone it down with a simple white t-shirt and sneakers! Keep the color palette reduced, the accessories simple, the make-up to a minimum and you will have a look that is the epitome of “basic with an edge” –which I think is a great combination for everyday wear.

Do you guys have any tips or tricks for other seemingly difficult statement pieces? What do you do when you want to wear, for example, sequins during the day, or a statement necklace? Any go-to formulas? Please share in the comments! I’d love to try your suggestions out.

Thanks for reading!



Black and white outfit idea by Maristella Gonzalez, featuring a fringe leather mini skirt and bracelets from Saint Laurent, basic white t-shirt from Cheap Monday

Blogger Maristella wearing a basic t-shirt and mini skirt outfit featuring pieces from Saint Laurent

Maristella in her terrace patio, sitting on a rattan sofa, wearing a white tee from Cheap Monday with a leather mini skirt with fringe, leather bracelets with gold hardware from Yves Saint Laurent

Maristella wears a leather and gold hardware and pyramid studded bracelets from YSL, leather mini skirt with fringe from YSL and plain white t-shirt from Cheap Monday

Maristella Gonzalez outfit collage, cute black and white outfit idea, easy monochromatic outfit idea, how to wear fringe everyday, how to wear a skirt with sneakers, plain white t-shirt outfit idea

Fringe mini skirt outfit idea with a simple white t-shirt and gold jewellery by Maristella Gonzalez

Spring outfit idea with a leather mini skirt and plain white t-shirt

Maristella in a YSL skirt with a white tee from Cheap Monday, in her outdoor terrace sitting on a rattan furniture with striped cushions

Wearing a skirt, sneakers and bracelets from Saint Laurent in Soho Mall Panama; t-shirt from Cheap Monday, vintage earrings.

Photos by Marivi Gonzalez.