Mixing Shades Of Red

As you may have noticed, I wear a lot of black and white, and sometimes I like to throw in a bit of earth tones or navy into the mix. Lately, however, I’ve been yearning to wear some red. Well… actually, a lot of red. I’m really feeling the look of an outfit that mixes bright red with dark red, nude and tan, so I decided to go with my gut and explore this combination myself. Although I have some other items from my closet that I want to experiment with, the first outfit that came together nicely with that color scheme was this one. I bought this top and skirt from H&M about a year ago and I’ve worn them several times before, separately. Together, I felt like it was all too matchy and I needed to add something else into to the mix to make things interesting. Enter this bright red bomber jacket! It’s still matchy, but it just adds some edge into it all precisely because it’s taking matchy to the limit; to the edge of sanity. I would’ve never thought red with red and more red would look cool, but once I put all this together and looked in the mirror, my heart fluttered a bit. Yes. Really! Fashion has that effect sometimes. I know you know! It just goes to show you; maybe style is not something that lies in the mind but more in the gut, and definitely in the heart.

What do you think? Have you experimented with a color scheme that maybe makes no sense in your mind but somehow works IRL? Do tell.



Maristella wearing Acne Studios mirrored sunglasses, Zara red bomber jacket, H&M top and skirt, Saint Laurent nano Sac de Jour bag

Maristella wearing an red satin embroidered bomber jacket from Zara, ribbed ringer tee from H&M, A line skirt from H&M, sneakers from Zara, bag from Saint Laurent and sunglasses from Acne Studios

Outfit collage of Maristella Gonzalez wearing a red bomber jacket with maroon skirt from H&M

Blogger Maristella wears sunglasses from Acne Studios, bomber jacket from Zara, structured skirt from H&M and bag from Saint Laurent

Blogger Maristella wearing a street style inspired outfit featuring different shades of red, a bomber jacker, sneakers and Saint Laurent Sac de Jour

Maristella wears a red bomber jacker, ribbed ringer top from H&M, structured dark red A line skirt from H&M, sneakers from Zara and bag from Yves Saint Laurent

Maristella wearing a Japan inspired bomber jacket, ringer ribbed top from H&M, A line skirt and Zara white sneakers outfit

Blogger Maristella in an all red outfit mixing bright and dark hues for a statement street style inspired look

Blogger Maristella Gonzalez wearing a red bomber jacket, skirt and sneaker outfit

Maristella's red satin Japan inspired bomber jacket from Zara and H&M ringer top

Maristella wearing nude frame mirrored sunglasses from Acne Studios, red satin embroidered jacket from Zara, dark red structured skirt from H&M

Wearing a jacket from Zara (similar here and SALE here); top from H&M (similar here and here); skirt from H&M (similar on SALE here and here); sneakers from Zara (similar here and here); sunglasses from Acne Studios (similar here and here); bag from Saint Laurent on SALE here (similar here and here).

Photos by Raphael Salazar.