How To Personalize Your Favorite Bag

Recently, while in New York, I got my new Coach Rogue bag a custom monogram tag. It was such a fun process! I had it made at the Coach store in Columbus Circle, which has the most amazing New York inspired interior design—steel beams, glass tiles and brick floors definitely embody the industrial vibe of downtown NYC.

First you get to choose which tag size and color you want. I went with a large, bright red to contrast the tan leather of my Rogue, but also to complement it. Red and brown is such a nice combination and so hot right now; it’s almost monochrome but at the same time such a good contrast of hues. Then you get to pick which font size you want, if you’d like letters, numbers or symbols, or a combination of all three. Special characters are also available seasonally. Afterwards, you pick which color or foil you’d like the letters stamped with. You could go the subtle route and choose to only blind emboss them, but of course I chose gold because I just love it! Then you witness the process of the metal characters getting pressed against the leather and how your gold initials (in my case) magically appear on the tag. This reminded me so much of a field trip I took during Grad School to a letterpress studio. The graphic designer in me was absolutely geeking out! The last step in the stamping process is to seal it off with a clear film for protection. The final touch? Choosing which ball chain to hang your tag from. I almost went with black because my Rouge’s hardware is black, but ultimately I chose gold again to match the letters of my initials.

A bag may just be a bag; a material possession. But monograming it really takes it to another level. My Rogue now feels like it really belongs to me and only me, and maybe one day it could be passed down as a family heirloom—the bag that once belonged to “MGO”.

Thanks for reading!



Coach monogram experience in New York

Coach Craftsmanship Bar in the Coach boutique of Columbus Circle New York

Coach monogramming tools in Columbus Circle New York

Coach New York ephemera and memorabilia

Coach books at Craftsmanship bar in Columbus Circle

Coach tag embossing process and monogramming in New York

Tools for leatherwork in New York Coach boutique Columbus Circle

Coach NYC leather hang tags

Coach boutique display's with Coach X Disney bags

Coach backpacks

Coach memorabilia and Coach runway collection in New York

Coach boutique interior design inspired by industrial downtown New York

Coach cracked leather shearling jacket

Maristella Gonzalez in the Coach boutique in Columbus Circle New York City

Maristella's customized Coach Rogue bag with monogrammed leather hang tag

Photos by me.