The Unexpected Accessory of The Moment

Back in August, I received the cutest little basket from Happy Verde, a pressed juice company here in Panama. Inside there were all sorts of goodies and some of my favorite local juices of their making, but I really enjoyed the little care package because of the container which everything came in. First because it is reusable, second because it is locally made and third because it is oh-so-stylish! The basket bag is from a small town in Panama called El Valle de Antón—the Valley of Antón. They have a market every Sunday and sell all kinds of crafts; from furniture and jewelry, to clothes and art work, and of course baskets and bags. I liked the little basket so much I decided to take it to New York for Fashion Week. I got so many compliments on it each time I wore it and I also saw a lot of other girls wearing weaved wicker and straw bags; some by big name designers, others from flea market or thrift store finds like mine. Either way, its safe to say the basket bag is the unexpected accessory of the moment.

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Maristella wearing Urban Renewal jeans, a basket bag and Uterqüe white leather boots.

Maristella in New York wearing a Minkpink embroidered top, vintage Levi's jeans, white leather ankle boots and a weaved straw bag

Maristella wears high waisted Levi's vintage jeans and an open back top from Minkpink

Blogger Maristella's denim OOTD in NYFW

Maristella in a casual outfit during NYFW

Maristella wearing Minkpink and Urban Outfitters in New York

Maristella wearing a floral embroidered top from Minkpink

Maristella in New York wearing a basket bag from Panama

Maristella in a laid back jeans outfit during NYFW

Maristella carries a small straw basket bag at NYFW

Maristella wears an open back Minkpink top and Levi's vintage denim

Maristella wearing a top from Minkpink, jeans from Urban Outfitters, white leather ankle boots and a straw bag

Maristella wears jeans from Urban Outfitters, boots from Uterqüe and a top from Minkpink while in New York

Blogger Maristella wearing jeans and boots in NYFW

Maristella wears high waist jeans and an open back sleeveless top with ankle boots and a basket weave bag

Maristella in a subtle but sexy open back top with jeans

Maristella wears the floral embroidered trend with jeans and ankle boots
Maristella in a casual denim OOTD
 Blogger Maristella's casual denim outfit for New York Fashion Week

Maristella in a floral embroidered top by Minkpink and vintage Levi's jeans from Urban Outfitters

Blogger Maristella's casual jeans and loose top outfit at New York Fashion Week

How to transition boots into fall

Maristella shows how to wear white boots
Maristella's Minkpink embroidered top
How to wear white leather ankle boots by Maristella

Wearing a Minkpink top from Felix; jeans from Urban Outfitters; boots from Uterqüe (similar here and here); market find basket bag (similar here and here).

Photos by María Gibbs.