Crushing On Pink Velvet

It’s been an intense couple of weeks here in Panama; I’ve been working on designs for some new projects that are launching very soon! I’m so thrilled to share them with you once they are ready. But first, I can finally show you this look I shot some weeks ago but unfortunately had to put in the back burner until now due to work! I fell in love with these pink velvet shorts and I thought, if I’m already going to wear Pink. Velvet. Shorts. I might as well go all out with the girlyness, and so I paired them with a romantic pink blouse. Both items are from a really great little boutique in Panama called Flamingo Flamingo.


Maristella wears a romantic pink blouse with rose velvet shorts

Pink textures for fall 2016 and red oval nails

Maristella wears all pink

Maristella wearing a pink blouse, rose velvet shorts, white boots and red Chanel bag

Dainty rinds, velvet side tie shorts in pink rose, red oval manicure nails and a blush blouse

Romantic pink outfit idea by Maristella Gonzalez

Maristella wears a floral applique blouse, pink rose velvet side tie shorts, ankle boots and messy long hair

Maristella wearing a pink velvet outfit idea for Fall 2016

Maristella with simple gold heart shaped earrings and an everyday makeup look

Maristella wearing a romantic all pink outfit

Pink rose velvet side tie shorts

Maristella wears a feminine all pink look with statement minimal heart earrings

How to wear velvet by Maristella

Maristella wearing a romantic outfit idea

Maristella shows how to wear all pink

Wearing a top and shorts from Flamingo Flamingo (available online here and here); boots from Uterqüe (almost identical and on SALE here!); Chanel chain wallet bag (very similar here); earrings and rings from Hombre Jewellery in Panama.

Photos by Raphael Salazar.