The Bag Everyone Will Want This Year

Gabrielle Chanel was an extraordinary woman of contrasts. Vulnerable yet strong, masculine and feminine, simple but luxurious. The house that bares her name was built on these paradoxes; they’ve become the codes that have tied every Chanel collection and product together for decades. Take for instance, the newest addition to their growing array of covetable bags: the Gabrielle. Aptly called after Mademoiselle’s true name and not her moniker, this bag exemplifies her essence—it is a bag of opposites. A hard base in smooth leather provides a solid foundation that reveals a soft quilted leather upper body. Its double chains combine both gold and silver finishes and allow the bag to be worn in three different ways—on the shoulder, across the torso or both simultaneously—thus celebrating individuality and choice. You’ve probably begun seeing it around on Instagram. It comes in four shapes; hobo, backpack, tote and purse. I’ve been spotting the mini backpack a lot for the past two weeks, and people are going crazy in the comments! This is the bag everyone is going to want in 2017 and it’s sure to become a classic in the next decade. Novel yet timeless, just as Gabrielle would’ve wanted it.

Maristella wears a Chanel Spring 2017 yellow silk blouse with the new Chanel Gabrielle shoulder bag
Maristella wears the new Chanel Gabrielle bag
70s inspired bang haircut bed head hairstyle by IGK salons
Spring outfit inspiration by Maristella Gonzalez
Maristella wearing a spring outfit with a Chanel silk blouse, wool plaid pants, patent leather boots and the new Chanel Gabrielle bag
Maristella in a Chanel Spring 2017 yellow silk top, orange plaid wool pants, black patent leather boots from Zara and the new Chanel Gabrielle bag in beige and black
Maristella wearing a yellow blouse, plaid wool straight leg pants, patent leather black boots and the new Chanel Gabrielle bag
Spring outfit idea by blogger Maristella of A Constellation
French girl inspired haircut with bangs and bed head hairstyle by IGK salons
Maristella wears the new Spring 2017 Chanel Gabrielle bag in black and beige leather
Natural make up beauty look and mid length hair with bangs
Spring work outfit inspiration with Chanel and Zara
Maristella wears a Spring 2017 blouse from Chanel, Purificacion Garcia pants, Zara boots and Chanel Gabrielle bag in two tone leather
Outfit detail with Chanel Spring 2017 Data Center collection yellow silk blouse, plaid pants and Chanel Gabrielle bag in beige and black leather
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