How To Style A Minimalist Tablescape

Summer is not only the season for shedding the excess layers of Fall, Winter and Spring in regards to our wardrobes, but also in regards to our homes. It’s time to put away the heavy throws, blankets and pillows together with our coats, jackets and scarves. In this same manner, hosting becomes much more simple. Whereas Fall tablescapes are usually abound with ornate garlands and centerpieces, and excessively decorated with seasonal produce like pumpkins and squash, Summer decor calls for a more minimalistic and clean approach. It needs to feel airy and fresh. A simple and neutral linen tablecloth, crystal clear glasses and cups, and perfectly pristine white ceramic dinnerware in natural, organic shapes are the perfect backdrop and vessels for refreshing summer salads, tropical fruit and citrus infused cocktails, or the ever-present Rosé. Less is more, whether you’re planning a romantic afternoon picnic at the beach or a Sunday supper with friends. When the temperature rises, we don’t want to wear anything unnecessary, right? Why should our tables be any different?

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