Nina’s Black Friday Deals With Design, Part 2

Happy Saturday! And Happy Thanksgiving! As the holiday shopping season officially began yesterday with Black Friday sales throughout the world —let’s face it, it’s not just an American tradition anymore— Nina Concept Store continues with theirs as well. Below is the second half of my Deals With Design roundup, in collaboration with Nina.


First up is Eva Solo. I am a sucker for Scandinavian design, which is why I fell madly in love with this Danish brand. They have a broad range of housewares, but these coffee tumblers caught my eye instantly, as I was scouring the store for my picks. The tumblers come in three different sizes; lungo, cafe latte and espresso, all perfectly measured to fit the average corresponding amounts from your coffee pod machine of choice, like Nescafé or Nespresso. They are made of porcelain and covered in a silicone sleeve that provides a good grip and prevents burning. Simplicity, beauty and functionality; Scandinavian design at its best.


Labrador is an Eco-friendly leather brand from Thailand. All of their leather goods are handmade from raw, natural materials to ensure durability and minimize waste, although any waste that is produced is recycled. Nina has a large selection of Labrador products, so it’s a great opportunity to create your set of leather bags or put one together as a gift. From messenger bags, tote bags and wallets, to paper weights, passport holders and iPad covers, Labrador can make your day to day instantly chic while being responsible towards the environment.


Pantone needs no introduction. As the leading authority on color for decades, Pantone has evolved into a full fledged “Universe” with all kinds of products, beyond the color books graphic designers like me use on an almost daily basis. These tins are a great way to store things and organize your stuff, while adding a touch of wit and personality to any desk, office or space.


Nuuna is a German brand of designy notebooks. Heralding “the end of boring notebooks”, Nunna believes there is no better way to save a thought than with pen and paper; I must agree! I always carry around something to write with and something to write on. You never know when inspiration can strike, and forgetful as I am, writing or sketching things down is always the best way for me to remember. And what better way to do so than on a fun notebook like Nuuna’s? They’re covers are beautiful, clever and sometimes even a little naughty!


Candles are another obsession of mine, ever since I started discovering what types of scents I identify with and like to define my space with. I usually lean towards masculine aromas of leather, smoke, sandalwood and burbon. Scent can trigger so much in a person, it is crucial to think about it when putting together an outfit or a room. Fornasetti is an Italian line of decorative home objects and fashion characterized by featuring illustrations and etchings, whimsical in their nature, like most Italian design. Their candles are a welcome variety in an ocean of boring, lookalike candle holders.

All photos by me.