Cape Neddick, ME

Sea breeze. One of the things I learned in color theory while at art school, is that colors like blue and green inspire safety and comfort, because they are constants in our lives. From the moment we come into this world, there is always the blue sky and the green grass. We can always depend on the sky above our heads and the earth beneath our feet. Unless there’s some kind of apocalypse, of course. But, regularly, they are always there. That’s why banks and insurance companies usually use those hues; to make their clients feel safe. Another constant, in my life at least, is the ocean. I must say, I am so thankful for being born close to the ocean. I grew up with the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks of the shore near my neighborhood; and the salty smell of the Pacific creeping into our living room whenever I cracked open the window to call for the “paletero” ringing his bell eight floors below –our version of an ice cream truck. Except this is just a man pushing a cart with popsicles. I always got chocolate… For 25 cents! ‘Til this day, the sweet smell of salty water, no matter where I am, undoubtingly brings me back to those carefree days growing up in Panama. It always feels like the comfort of my home.






Wearing Polo Ralph Lauren cable knit sweater, corduroy skirt and aviator sunglasses, Zara bag and sneakers.

Photos of me by José Castrellón, all other photos by me.