Holiday Gift Guide: For Dad

Dads, or any male member of a family, can be specially tricky. My dad, for example, never wants anything. If I buy him a shirt or something, he’ll unwillingly open it and then thank me with a fake smile; but give him a greeting card with some meaningful words written in it and he’s happy as a clam! So, in recent years, I have resolved to giving him meaningful presents that I refer to in whatever greeting card I write for him, and it always works like a charm! Here’s my round up of gifts from Nina Concept Store any dad will surely like, it’s just up to you to add some meaning to them.

  1. Various books; Dali’s Mustache by Philippe Halsman, Ocean Fishes: Paintings of Saltwater Fish by James Prosek, Wine With Food: Pairing Notes and Recipes from the New York Times by Eric Asimov
  2. Intempora Fork Nº 224 by Opinel
  3. Shoe Care Kit by Boston
  4. Timer With Strap by Eva Solo
  5. Leather Paper Weight by Labrador
  6. Whiskey Glasses by Henry Dean
  7. Pocket Knife by Opinel
  8. Ice Tray by Eva Solo
  9. Leather Bag by Labrador; perfect for carrying papers, magazines or a laptop
  10. Leather Tray by Undercover

Photography and layout by me.