Decorating With Marble

Marble is so trendy right now! Specially decorating with marble. I’ve seen marble wallpapers, marble pillows, marble coasters, marble lamps, marble laptop cases, etc. It’s everywhere! And I love it! So… How can you add little touches of this natural stone to your home with out going overboard? Small items like pillows, trays, wall art and kitchen tools are the perfect way to change up your place and adapt current trends into it, without the need to invest too much or make permanent changes. Don’t worry about colors when it comes to white or black marble. I consider it a neutral print/texture/material when it comes to decorating; I think it goes with anything! Although it looks particularly beautiful with wood, gold or copper. Below are a few of my ideas for subtly incorporating this trend into your space like a design –ahem– rock star 🙂

Ferm Living marble pillow


Gallery wall, beige sofa, Ferm Living marble pillow, side table, rose gold vase


Marble tray, copper tea light holder, porcelain elephant, Hay spinning top, black geometric vase, glass dome with flowers

Bar cart styling with magazines, flowers and candles

Marble wall art

Marble salt and pepper grinders

Normann Copenhagen marble Salt & Pepper grinders

From top to bottom: Marble pillow by Ferm Living; marble tray by Bloomingville; wall art by Ferm Living; Salt & Pepper set by Normann Copenhagen –All available at Manifesto in Obarrio, Panama.

Photography and styling by me. In collaboration with Manifesto (Panama).