Finn Juhl’s House, Denmark

Whenever I travel; whether with Jose or by myself, for work or pleasure; I always download Wallpaper Magazine’s guide –if available– for whatever city I’m visiting. Before smartphones, I used to order their printed guides from Amazon. But now, thanks to technology, you can carry those guides with you wherever you are in any given city, with interactive maps, constant updates and bookmarking capabilities, all from the comfort of your phone! But really, that’s not the most important or impressive part… Because there are as many guides online or in App form as there are planes in the sky; but Wallpaper really seems to get me and what I want to see when I travel. If you want a local feel for the art, design and culinary scene of any major capital, Wallpaper City Guides are the ones for you. Forget all the touristy stuff. Anyone can tell you to go to Times Square or the Eiffel Tour, but Wallpaper will tell you what hole in the wall gallery is worth visiting, and what up and coming chef is serving up a storm. Beyond that, they also have amazing suggestions for day trips outside big cities and the best ever architecture tours! Hence, our recent visit to Finn Juhl’s house in Charlottenlund, Denmark. I love Danish design but I’ve only scratched the surface, when it comes to its notable personalities and history. Jose, being the innate explorer that he is, wanted to rent a car and drive around Zealand, the island where Copenhagen is mostly located on. So I pulled out my trusty Wallpaper City Guide for Copenhagen, opened up the section on day trips called “Escapes”, and there it was: Finn Juhl’s house, sandwiched between the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and the Arne Jacobsen designed petrol station. We made a day of it and visited all three places, and let me tell you; that mini road trip rivals the rest of our time in Copenhagen big time! If you’re ever in Denmark, I highly recommend visiting all three.


Finn Juhl's House

Finn Juhl Cabinet

Room at Finn Juhl's House

Bookcase by Finn Juhl

Danish designed dinning room

Danish furniture details

Danish dinnerware

Art and loveseat at Finn Juhls Hus

Bookshelf at the home of Danish architect Finn Juhl

Danish chair

Day trip to Finn Juhl's House in Charlottenlund, Denmark

Outside Finn Juhls Hus

Photos of me by Jose Castrellon. All other photos by me.