Not So Basic White Sneakers

I think I’m becoming a sneakerhead! Mostly with white kicks… they’re just so versatile and make any outfit look instantly effortless, like you couldn’t care less about wearing heels or trying too hard! I have trouble dealing with them getting dirty, though. I’m OCD about it and wish they could just stay pristine and stain free forever. My husband, on the other hand, steps on his own feet, jumps into puddles and mud just to get that “worn in” look. It makes me cringe! Haha!

Does anybody have tricks for keeping your sneakers clean? I’ve heard of some sprays that add a layer of protection of some kind. Let me know in the comments ­čÖé



Maristella in a white Saint Laurent dress

Blogger Maristella at her home in Panama City wearing a YSL dress and sneakers

Blogger Maristella Gonzalez at her home in Panama wearing Saint Laurent sitting in a wishbone chair over a sheepskin rug, wool rug from Guatemala and fiddle leaf fig tree in the back

Blogger Maristella in her living room decorated with a blue sofa and Scandinavian accents


Saint Laurent star sneakers


Blogger Maristella in her living room decorated in a tropical Scandinavian mix

Maristella wears a white dress and sneakers from Saint Laurent

Wearing a Saint Laurent dress and sneakers from Soho Mall Panama.

Photos by Marivi Gonzalez.