Sofia & Carlos’ Gamboa Home

Panama has a rich and complicated history with the United States. Some of it is good, some of it is not. One of the things I believe everyone agrees on, on a positive note, is that the houses the US Army left behind throughout their former military bases are jewels. They are bright, airy, fresh, and –I’ve heard– are somehow resistant against humidity; something I am terribly obsessed with. I have lost one too many shoes to mold.

Sofia and Carlos –whom everyone calls “Pecho”– live in one of these said houses about half an hour away from Panama City, in a place called Gamboa in the Province of Colón. She’s an architect and furniture designer and Pecho is a sound engineer.  That already makes for a great combination, in terms of living space and decor. Photographing the homes of creative couples or individuals is something I find incredibly interesting, as I’ve mentioned before.

So, with the purpose of creating more inspiring content for A Constellation while also showcasing the work of a local designer, Jose and I trekked out to Gamboa one afternoon, drank some Rosé with Sofia and Pecho, and took some photos during golden hour. It pretty much doesn’t get any better than that. Working at Apartamento magazine must be #goals!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos below as much as I enjoyed taking them, and please check out Sofia’s work and Instagram for more of her designs. She’s truly talented!

Thanks for reading!


Living room with flag wall hanging, decorating with flags, straw raffia rattan rug


Cute kitsch decor


Sofia and Carlos "Pecho" in their home in Gamboa, Colon, Panama


Tropical Kitsch decor


Laid back decor in Gamboa Panama


Custom side table designed by Sofia Alvarado, an architect and furniture designer based in Panama


Typical Gamboa architecture constructed by the Americans in the Canal Zone of Panama during the 20th century

American military army base tropical architecture of a Gamboa home in Panama

Record collection of sound engineer Carlos "Pecho" Urriola

Folding chair

Bedroom in an american military base architecture style home in Gamboa Panama in the former Canal Zone


Chinese accents and decor, custom iron and compressed wood table designed by Sofia Alvarado


The home of an architect and sound engineer in Gamboa Panama

Gamboa house surrounded by lush vegetation in the former Canal Zone in Panama

Architect Sofia Alvarado's home office and studio in Gamboa Panama


Interior of the home of a creative couple


Sound Engineer's home studio in Gamboa Panama

Keyboard in a home studio


Slides by a window in a sound designer's home studio

Planter design in iron by Panama based architect Sofia Alvarado

A typical Gamboa home in Panama, constructed by americans in the 20th century

American military base style architecture in the tropics

American military army base style construction in the tropics

Test for a furniture design made with iron and rattan designed by Sofia Alvarado of Panama

Minimalist geometric planter design by furniture designer and architect Sofia Alvarado

Architect Sofia Alvarado's home basement workshop

Gamboa home in Panama, hammock decor

Photos by me.