10 Must Visit Places In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is fast becoming one of my favorite cities in the world. Yes, it’s a hassle to have to drive such long distances, brave insane traffic and confusing, maze-like highways but the payback is so rewarding. There’s a plethora of great spots, museums, architecture, restaurants, shops, neighborhoods, beaches and hotels. The weather is always perfect and people are friendly and welcoming! Although I’ve only visited the City of Angels twice, I already have a growing list of my favorite and must visit places thus far:

The Schindler House: Los Angeles is chock full of architectural jewels; the Stahl House, the Eames Case Study House, the Sheats-Goldstein House, to name a few. So far, I’ve only had the pleasure of visiting the Schindler House; a humble, simple and yet mystical house in West Hollywood, designed by Rudolph M. Schindler for himself, his wife and to share with another couple.

The Griffith Observatory: this is one of those places that are most definitely a hassle but absolutely worth it. It’s quite a drive to get up to the Griffith Observatory. Parking is a huge issue and depending on where you find a spot, you might have to walk a lot to reach the entrance. I don’t know how but I got so lucky and managed to park inside, in the Observatory’s lot. I purposefully went at dusk because I wanted to catch the sunset and those beautiful, bright orange and pink rays of LA light over the city. But my guess is any other time of the day might be just as breathtaking.

The LACMA: this is a no brainer. You’ve seen those lamp posts everywhere. You owe it to yourself to see them in person and snap your quintessential artsy LA selfie with them. The Jesus Rafael Soto piece is also another one to look for, and of course any current exhibitions they may have.

Commissary at The Line Hotel: one of the most stunning spaces for a restaurant I’ve been to in recent years. It’s amazing the impact that a ton of plants can have on a place. If you’re a plant lover like me, this is a must. Also, the food is great! I also recommend staying at The Line Hotel, where Commissary is located in, but even if you’re not staying there, you should still visit the hotel. You can eat great Korean food at Pot and also shop amazing LA made gifts at the Poketo store in the lobby.

Venice Beach, Abbot Kinney Blvd. and Salt Air: Plan to spend a day around Venice Beach. Visit the Canals, then walk along Abbot Kinney Blvd. Do a little shopping at LCD, have some coffee at Intelligentsia and definitely enjoy a meal and a glass of wine at Salt Air.

Gracias Madre: another one of those Insta-friendly LA spots; you’ve also seen plenty of photos of this one across your feed! And it’s worth the hype. The Margaritas alone garner a visit to this WeHo staple. Be advised; it’s a vegan Mexican restaurant so don’t expect any carnitas on your tacos. The menu is seasonal so my recommendation will depend on when you visit. When I went during late August, I had some really amazing elote and sweet potato flautas. If you see those on the menu when you visit, order them. Trust me!

Formerly Yes: unfortunately I don’t have a photo of this store but it is a DTLA jewel of a space. Designed and owned by a talented couple who’s passionate about form and function, this store is a designer, architect and art lover’s dream. Everything is so carefully sourced, curated and selected. You can also plan to spend a day in Downtown LA; visit The Broad Museum, shop at Acne Studios, Fshn Bnkr, eat at the Ace Hotel, etc.

Silverlake: there are lots of cute spots in Silverlake. I’m particularly fond of Dream Collective, which is almost next door to Clare V and Alfred’s Coffee. A little further away is Café Stella and another enclave of Intelligentsia Coffee.

Maristella in the Schindler House of West Hollywood

the schindler house

The Schindler house in Los Angeles is a must visit architecture site

Interior corner of the Schindler house in Los Angeles
Exterior view of the Schindler house in Los Angeles California
Architectural tour of California including the Schindler House in West Hollywood

Kitchen space of the Schindler House in Los Angeles California

Schindler House Japanese inspired interiors

The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles California

the griffith observatory

The Griffith Observatory is a great spot for viewing the Hollywood Sign

The Griffith Observatory's Art Deco façade

Visitors enjoying the sunset from the Griffith Observatory, against the Hollywood Hills and the Hollywood Sign

Art Deco details of the Griffith Observatory's exterior

Sprawling city of Los Angeles at sunset as seen from the Griffith Observatory

Contrasting palm trees, lamp posts and buildings in Korea Town Los Angeles


Exterior of the LACMA

The view from the LACMA

Urban Light lamp post installation by Chris Burden at the LACMA

The Line Hotel

commissary at the line hotel

Communal table at Commissary at The Line Hotel in Korea Town Los Angeles

Greenhouse like interior of the Commissary restaurant in The Line Hotel in Los Angeles

Grilled corn or elote at Commissary in The Line Hotel Los Angeles

The bar at Commissary in Los Angeles

The Line Hotel sign and logo

Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice Beach Los Angeles

venice beach, abbot kinney & salt air

Menu at Salt Air restaurant in Venice Beach

Octopus and lentil salad at Salt Air restaurant in Venice Beach

Menu at Gracias Madre in West Hollywood California

gracias madre

Spicy Margaritas in Gracias Madre restaurant of West Hollywood in Los Angeles California

All photos by me.