Belt Your Blazer For Instant Chicness

Extra points if the belt is Gucci.

I have to admit, I never think about belts. When I’m putting together a look, the thought “this could use a belt” never crosses my mind. I own a few ones and I “borrowed” some vintage ones from my mom a while back, but mostly they just sit in my closet gathering dust—or more accurately, mold, because tropics. But then comes Alessandro Michele with his amazing Gucci accessories and presto! Everyone is wearing an iteration of the GG belt and I want one too. No. I need one. As soon as I get it, I start thinking of all the possible outfits my recent acquisition can improve. There’s nothing this belt doesn’t make cooler in an instant. Even items that don’t necessarily have belt loops or need any fastening or suspending; like a blazer. Granted, fashion to me is only functional up to the point where I need to cover my naked body. Beyond that, it’s purely capricious and entertaining. But belting your blazer is particularly gratuitous. Still, it proves my point, am I right? There’s nothing this belt can’t make cooler.

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