An Easy Way To Upgrade A Graphic Tee

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting and waiting for the longest time for the damn Ganni Murphy T-Shirt to go back in stock somewhere so I could buy it. Turns out, I can’t buy directly from the Ganni website from Panama… If I remember correctly, they don’t ship to the Americas so, recently, when the Murphy was restocked, I had to scour the web for an alternative. Seek and you shall find, right? Right!!! I bought not one but two Murphy T’s because that’s what low supply and high demand does to a person. If you know it’s going to sell out, you kind of want to have a backup Murphy just in case right? No? Too crazy? Too bad! I got the yellow lemon and the pink pineapple and you’re not going to shame me out of my joy of having two t-shirts with fruits printed on them.

My Scandinavian package arrived in Panama about a month ago, and since then, I’ve had both tops just hanging outside my closet, staring at me everyday, waiting for me to come up with the perfect way to break them in. Let me tell you, it’s intimidating when you’ve waited so long to own something and you finally have it in your possession. It seems like I almost need to practice some kind of breaking in ritual ceremony that parallels my urge to own said possession. No outfit idea seemed good enough to be break-in worthy, until I saw this Polo Ralph Lauren suit. It’s been a while since I’ve worn a blazer, I used to be addicted to them. Maybe it was because I used to work in an office and needed to keep warm—but chic!—in the A/C bubble that was my place of work. Anyway, I thought it would make the perfect outfit to wear my Murphy T with. Not too obvious—not just a plain tee and jeans combo. Chic. Comfortable. Just perfect.

What’s your favorite way to wear a t-shirt and have you ever suffered from new ownership induced sartorial anxiety?

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Ganni Murphy Lemon t-shirt outfit idea

Maristella wearing a Polo Ralph Lauren suit, Ganni Murphy Tee, Celine white ballerina flats, Saint Laurent Sac de Jour

Maristella wearing a chic black suit and t-shirt combination

Blogger Maristella in a black suit by Polo Ralph Lauren with T-shirt, ballerina flats and mini bag

Maristella in a chic and comfortable work outfit idea with a black suit, graphic tee and flat shoes

Maristella wears the Ganni lemon t-shirt with black trousers and double breasted blazer from Polo Ralph Lauren, Céline white leather flats, black nano Sac de Jour from YSL

Blogger Maristella wearing Céline Flats and Yves Saint Laurent bag

Maristella wears a chic black power suit with flats and a t-shirt

Maristella in a chic work t-shirt outfit idea perfect for transitioning into fall

Maristella wears the Ganni lemon fruit print t-shirt with a black suit for transitioning into fall workwear   How to transition into Fall work wardrobe by Maristella of A Constellation     Blogger Maristella of A Constellation wearing a black suit by Polo Ralph Lauren perfect for Fall work

Maristella wears a Ganni top, Polo Ralph Lauren blazer and pants, Céline flats and Saint Laurent bag

Maristella wearing a black Ralph Lauren suit, Ganni t-shirt and Céline shoes

Work idea outfit collage by Maristella Gonzalez

Maristella in a fall transition outfit idea

Maristella wearing Scandinavian brand Ganni

Wearing a Ganni T-shirt, Polo Ralph Lauren blazer (similar) and pants, Céline shoes (similar) and Saint Laurent bag.

Photos by Mariví González.