Matisse & Picasso: The Ultimate Influencers

For a while, I’ve been bouncing in my head the idea of a Matisse trend report but I was honestly terrified of the research it might involve. I finished art school close to 8 years ago and I haven’t really been very good at stretching out my history muscles since then. As a student, it’s basically your job to read all the time. As a professional living in the real world (#adulting), reading sometimes takes a back seat from all the emails and deadlines. But I kept getting reminder after reminder every time I opened up my Instagram (okay, maybe I can make time to read more), because the ubiquity of his influence is overwhelming. From t-shirts to pillows with faces, to arabesque nudes shaped in metal and made into jewelry. And not to mention the ever present monstera leaf (right). Matisse is everywhere RN. As I was brushing up on my modern art, I noticed you can’t really talk about Henri Matisse without talking about his Spanish counterpart, Pablo Picasso; and then it hit me. So much of what I thought was Matisse-inspired was in fact, Picasso-inspired—and sometimes it was both, because the two masters were so influential to each other as friends filled with admiration and as rivals, challenging the other repeatedly over the course of decades. We have Gertrude Stein (here, as painted by Picasso) to thank for this most epic of frenemies as she introduced the masters in 1906 and, in pitting them against each other, arguably served as the catalyst for the two defining artistic bodies of work of the 20th century, and—as you can see below—beyond. If you’re interested in reading more about this Britney & Christina of modern art, check out this documentary (in French with Spanish subtitles), this Vanity Fair article or this post on the Tate Modern’s blog from around the time of Matisse’s 2014 “Cut-Outs” exhibition held at said museum, which I think catapulted all of the current Matisse-mania after it made its way to the MoMA in 2015.


Matisse cut outs
Matisse The Dance

Henri Matisse. Dance (I). 1909.

Solange art director Carlota Guerrero's homage to Matisse's Dance
The work of Barcelona based Photographer and Creative Director Carlota Guerrero

Carlota Guerrero. La Danse. 2016.

Matisse Cut outs

Henri Matisse. The Parakeet and the Mermaid. 1952.

Matisse Coat from Color Temperature
Leaf print throw

Coat by Color Temperature (Left). Dora Szentmihalyi Mayfield Throw (Right).

Matisse Nude Cut Out
Lisa Says Gah owner at home with Matisse inspired print

Henri Matisse’s 1952 Nude II (Left). Elizabeth Lever print in the home of Lisa Buhler of Lisa Says Gah (Right).

Celine Spring 2017
Celine Spring 2017

Céline Spring 2017.

Matisse Young Sailor
Jean Charles de Castelbajac logo for LouLou restaurant

Matisse’s 1906 Young Sailor II (Left). The LouLou restaurant’s logo designed by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac (Right).

Sweater by BFGF
Pillow by BFGF

Sweatshirt and pillow from BFGF.

Matisse's The Dream 1940
Picasso's Woman With Yellow Hair

Matisse’s 1940 The Dream (Left). Picasso’s 1931 Woman With Yellow Hair (Right).

Sydney restaurant Paddington Inn with the work of Christiane spangsberg

Christiane Spangsberg’s artwork in Sydney restaurant Paddington Inn.

Picasso's line portrait of partner Françoise Gilot
J.W.Anderson Moon Face earrings

Picasso’s 1946 Françoise with a Bow in Her Hair (Left). J.W.Anderson’s Moon Face earrings (Right).

J.W.Anderson bird earrings
Picasso's Amnesty international poster

J.W.Anderson Gold Hammered Bird earrings (Left). Picasso’s poster for Amnesty International circa 1960.

Knobbly nude earrings
Paloma Wool Leandra Shirt

Knobbly X Laurie Franck’s Nude No. 2 earring (Left). Leandra shirt by Paloma Wool (Right).

Sofia Schizas' Couples N °2
Picasso Bullfighter illustration

Sofia Schizas’ Couples N °2 (Left). Picasso’s 1949 Bullfighter from the illustrated book Le Carmen des Carmen (Right).