5 Pink Places (and Tables) To Visit in New York

Ah, Millennial Pink. Pantone nailed it last year when they named “Rose Quartz” one of its two Colors of the Year. And even though this year’s Pantone is quite literally almost the reverse of Rose Quartz (it’s “Greenery”; a bright, warm green hue that could very well be diametrically opposite from Rose Quartz in a color wheel), pink and its derivatives are showing no signs of slowing down. I do have to give Greenery some credit though, because I think it’s more about the concept of green than the color. Meaning, it’s more about the revival of house plants (Monstera, anyone?), for example. Or the ever-increasing awareness and urgency of sustainability and environmental best practices. And, I have seen green creeping in more and more on social media and beyond. Velvet sofas, monochrome green outfits… Gucci. Coincidentally, there’s a growing trend of combining pink and green together. Just take a look at the Instagram accounts of @plantsonpink, @alfredtea and, one of the places I’m featuring today, @chachamatcha. Cha Cha is part of a burgeoning movement of all or mostly pink business in New York cashing in on the phenomenon. Though Mansur Gavriel and Pietro Nolita definitely take the prize, creating wall to wall and floor to ceiling, womb-like universes to immerse ourselves in and feel warm and protected enough to buy those shoes you really shouldn’t, or order pasta and prosecco and tiramisu. Nevertheless, if you find it a bit overwhelming, maybe you can be lucky enough to find a seat at one of the pink tables at Café Henrie and Dimes, and still get that #millennialpink ‘gram without feeling like you’re inside a bottle of Pepto Bismol. Me, on the other hand? Give me an outlet next to a table at Pietro and you will never see me eat elsewhere again.

Cha Cha Matcha's storefront in New York's Nolita Neighborhood
Round pink tables, wooden stools and palm print cushions at Cha Cha Matcha
Cha Cha Matcha's millennial pink decor and branding
Really good almond milk cappuccino at Cha Cha Matcha in New York
Cha Cha Matcha's millennial pink soft serve machine
Mansur Gavriel's flower shop in their all pink Soho store
Brrch Floral flowers Mansur Gavriel
Mansur Gavriel's wall to wall pink interiors in Soho
Mansur Gavriel's pink Soho store
Mansur Gavriel shoes on display at their pink Soho store
Flowers by Brrch Floral at the Mansur Gavriel Flower Shop in New York
Pink table at Café Henrie in the Lower East Side
Millennial Pink table, menu, and glasses at Café Henrie in New York
One of the pink tables at Dimes restaurant in Chinatown, New York
Pink everything at Pietro Nolita, a healthy Italian restaurant in New York
Delicious Mezcal cocktails at Pietro Nolita's all pink interior
Pietro Nolita's fun pink branding and signage
Hip Nolita restaurant Pietro Nolita's all pink exterior
Pink corner inside Pietro Nolita in New York