How to Wear Monochrome Black in the Summer

Wearing the darkest of colors during the summer can be daunting. Hot summer days beg for light colors and fabrics, but for those with a penchant for wearing monochrome black, there are a few tricks that can be applied so you don’t melt in the middle of the sidewalk. One sure way is by wearing a very sheer lace fabric that will let your skin breathe and take in the breeze, if you’re so lucky. Black high waist skinny jeans are definitely not something I recommend if it’s over 80ºF but, this Noisy May pair is insanely flattering. Like, really, really, really flattering. I had not heard of this label until I was recently gifted this pair, and from the moment I tried them on I was like “yowza!”—Hello booty I did not know I had! They are also truly high waisted. I have a long torso and long legs so usually whenever I try on something “high rise” it ends up awkwardly sitting below my belly button. Bathing suits, shorts, leggings, pants… You name it! They never truly rise at my waist and it drives me mad. So if this sounds like you, look up Noisy May’s high waist denims. You can thank me later.