Skincare & Beauty Favorites From June

Hey guys! As you know, I’ve been in New York since late June, so I brought with me some of my favorite products that I have on rotation for the month. I found the perfect red lipstick by YSL Beauty. I’ve had some go-to hues in the past, but honestly the Rouge Pur Couture in 01, aptly named Le Rouge (The Red), is como anillo al dedo—like a ring to a finger. It’s a little on the cool side, which is great because it makes my smile pop and, overall, it really flatters my complexion. I haven’t had one of those skin tone tests done, but I can tell you I’m olive with yellow undertones, if it helps in any way. Regardless, I really think this lipstick from YSL is universally flattering. And the texture is divine. I’m not into mattes anymore, I’m into comfort. And the satin finish is the perfect amount of moist to keep my lips feeling hydrated. Another item I’ve been using a lot here is Glossier’s sunscreen. It’s rainy season in Panama, and man, was it cloudy AF when I was back there. Plus, I work from home so there was really no need for me to use it. But it’s Summer in New York, and I’m obviously not staying indoors with all the fun activities and things to do, so I’ve been religiously applying it. It’s sheer, absorbs quickly and smells amazing. No greasy residue. Go. Get. It. ASAP.