YSL Beauty’s Shimmery Gold Eyeshadow

Not all gold eyeshadows are created equal. I’ve owned quite a few so far; most of them resemble a matte version of burnt gold leaf. I have yet to find a truly metallic gold eye shadow (if you have any suggestions, please share in the comments!) but I recently tried this almost sold out limited edition from YSL beauty—it’s the Couture Palette in “Metal Clash”—and was very pleasantly surprised. It was not at all what I was expecting from the looks of it in the compact; it looks like any other gold eyeshadow, but as soon as you apply it you can see that its effect is more like smokey glitter than anything else. It shimmers ever so subtly depending on how the light hits the little points of reflective surfaces, which spread very easily around the eyes, kind of in the same way glitter just ends up everywhere. But it doesn’t bother me. It looks a bit magical and whimsical without the need for actual glitter. You can also do one layer for a more smokey eye, or two and even three layers for a more shimmery effect as the glitter bits accumulate. I think it’s just the perfect touch for a hot Summer night dance party, don’t you?

Maristella wears shimmery gold eyeshadow by YSL Beauty
Gold eyeshadow make up look by Maristella
YSL Beauty's Couture Palette Metal Clash gold eyeshadow
Gold eye makeup look by Maristella
How to wear shimmery gold makeup by Maristella
Glittery gold smokey eye makeup look by Maristella
Maristella wears a golden glittery eyeshadow look