Traveling To Patagonia, Part 3: Torres Del Paine

About a six hour bus ride from El Calafate in Argentina and across the border, in Chile, there’s a national park with some of the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen. Mountains, rivers, lakes, glaciers, you name it. Torres del Paine has it all.  What struck me the most were the colors. You can get a sense of them in these photos; they are not what I am used to seeing in Panama. Everything is much more muted, but it creates this fantastical atmosphere. You feel like you’re on a Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones set. And the Guanacos! They are too cute! It’s like a Patagonian Llama we kept passing by on the road around El Calafate. But in Torres del Paine we were able to get closer and take some photos. They have the cutest prance. Another amazing thing we experienced at Torres del Paine was the weather. It’s supposed to be a well-known fact that in Patagonia you can experience several climates in one day, and we sure did. It was hot and sunny, then it got cloudy and rainy in a matter of seconds, then windy, then hot and sunny again. I think we might have even gotten some hale, so be prepared. And this was during the Summer, in late January, which I think is the best time to travel down to Patagonia—so there you have it!