Traveling To Patagonia, Part 1: El Calafate

The story of these photos was always special. I traveled with Jose’s family to Patagonia in late January. It was such a breathtaking landscape; I went crazy. I had never seen anything like it. Not only the stark vegetation, but the sky, Lake Argentina, the wildlife, the quaint little town of El Calafate. Wherever I looked, there seemed to be a “once-in-a-lifetime” something, right in front of me. I took what seemed to be a million photos, and then I got back home and the anxiety of making selects got the best of me. I postponed it until about two weeks ago, when I finally felt so guilty that I sat down and forced myself to edit my photos. Then, a few days ago, I dropped my external hard drive and (for now) lost ALL of my raw files. THANK GOD I had just uploaded these images a few days before that incident because, again, it was such a special trip. I would have never forgiven myself had I lost all these images. Now they have taken on an even greater value. Alas, they don’t do Patagonia justice—just goes to show you, ain’t nothing like real life. All I can say is, if you ever get the chance to go, do it. This is coming from me: the city girl. It’s worth the haul, the data back-up and the 5 hour edit, but most of all, the memories. More posts soon.

Maristella in the otherworldly landscape of El Calafate
Patagonian landscape with Lake Argentina in the distance

A bright blue sky and Lake Argentina in the distance contrasts with the stark Patagonia vegetation consisting mostly of Mata Negra bushes.

Flying over Lake Argentina in El Calafate
El Calafate airport

Landing in El Calafate felt like landing on the moon. From the first moment I set my eyes on that landscape, I was in awe.

Hotel Design Suites El Calafate
Room in Hotel Design Suites El Calafate
Bed in Hotel Design Suites El Calafate

Our hotel, the Design Suites, in El Calafate.

Hotel Design Suites El Calafate
Hotel Design Suites El Calafate
Hotel Design Suites El Calafate
Wildflowers in El Calafate, Patagonia
Maristella wears a Parka by Armani EA7, Pendleton flannel shirt, Calvin Klein skinny jeans, Acne pink hiking boots
Garden roses in Patagonia
Maristella wears a black parka and skinny jeans with pink Acne boots
Maristella wears a fur trimmed hooded parka, black skinny jeans and Acne Telde boots in pink

The earth seems barren in Patagonia, but there are actually very specific plants that thrive in this extreme South American climate.

Souvenir stickers and maps in El Calafate, Argentina
Old Fiat car in Argentina
Patagonian Chocolate flavored ice cream from Ovejitas in El Calafate

Ovejitas de la Patagonia serves the most decadent and delicious ice cream. The Patagonian Chocolate flavor is a must.

Maristella wears a faux fur trimmed hooded Parka by Armani EA7
Maristella wears a black hooded parka from Armani, Calvin Klein skinny jeans and Acne pink Telde boots
Maristella wears a faux fur trimmed black Parka
Maristella in the stark Patagonian landscape
Garden roses in Patagonia
Pink and peach Garden roses in Patagonia
Maristella's Patagonian travel style