The Colombian Brand You Need To Know

There is so much talent and creativity coming out of Colombia. One name I was recently introduced to is Bogotá-based Zeta; beautifully designed and incredibly well made party clothes is how they describe themselves—and I must agree. “Each collection offers versatile pieces which take clients from a chic lunch to a black-tie event, and everything in between”, reads their website’s About page. I can vouch for this myself. When I was figuring out what to take to Paris Fashion Week back in September, I was scrambling to find outfits I could wear to a variety of events because when you have a presentation in the morning, followed by a showroom visit, then lunch, then more showrooms and finally a cocktail party, you better have an outfit that looks appropriate for every one of those scenarios. I wasn’t even anticipating how crazy Paris traffic can be—changing multiple times during the day is not really an option! I took this set by Zeta to Paris for Chanel’s new watch presentation, followed by a ton of showroom visits and I got so many compliments on it wherever I went. If you live in Panama, Zeta is available at Quinta Estación, but if you don’t; make sure to check their stockists and international shipping rates.

Maristella wearing Zeta's Gifted Top and Gifted Skirt in Paris
Maristella wears an oversize plaid blazer in Paris
Maristella wears a bow embellished skirt and top set by Colombian label Zeta
The Colombian clothing brand you need to know
Maristella wears colombian label Zeta at Paris Fashion Week
Maristella wears an all black party outfit by Colombian brand Zeta
Maristella's outfit for a day of events in Paris Fashion Week
Maristella wearing an oversize blazer with a bow embellished skirt and top set in Paris
Maristella's party outfit for Paris Fashion Week by Zeta from Colombia
The next big Colombian clothing brand