My Experience at Chanel Spring 2018

I’m still reeling from the experience I had last week in Paris with Chanel (much more on that soon!), but specially from getting to attend their Spring 2018 show—dress in head to toe Chanel, none the less. I had so much anticipation on the days ahead. What model would open the show? What new must-have item would they be introducing? What would the set be like and how the heck do Karl and his team top themselves season after season? I mean… The Supermarket, the Airport, the Data Center, the Brasserie, the ROCKET! Well guys… I got to go to the “real-life-CANYON-cliff-mountain-with-WATERFALLS-and-a-moat-and-actual-TREES” show! The best part is, it was such a beautiful day in Paris. The sun was shining through the glass vaulted ceiling of the Grand Palais and hitting the water just right. When the models came out—led by opener and Cindy Crawford spawn, Kaia Gerber—all clad in the iridescent, PVC and metallic Chanel Spring 2018 collection, it was like a dance was taking place between the light and everything it touched. I absolutely adored the Maison Michel plastic bucket hats, the broad shoulders and the iridescent Boy bag. See more below for my favorite moments. And thank you Chanel for the most amazing days in Paris!