Beauty & Skincare Favorites from July and August

Last year I battled a bit of hormonal acne. I have to be honest, it wasn’t the worst case of acne ever, but even just small breakouts can have the power to bring down anyone’s self esteem, right? I had a lot of stuff going on all over my face (blackheads, mostly) and just the general amount of oil my skin was producing was out of control. On top of reassessing my eating habits—which are still nowhere near optimal—I also revamped my beauty routine. One of the products that had a 180º effect on my face was definitely Micellar Water. I first tried Bioderma’s and became instantly obsessed. But during my recent trip to New York, I couldn’t find it at the Duane Reade that was around the corner from where I was staying, so I just bought Garnier’s, hoping it would be the same. I had heard it was, and fortunately the rumors were true. I think once I finish this bottle I might go back to Bioderma though, because I like it like 10% better than Garnier’s, but I truly recommend either one. Pair them with Shiseido’s cotton pads and you’ll feel like angels are cleaning your face! Scroll down for more recent favorites.

Garnier micellar water, Ouai Haircare, Dr. Roebucks Youth Serum and Trilogy Mist Toner
Maristella in a white marble bathroom
Best skin and hair care products
Trilogy mist toner
Micellar water is one of the best products for beautiful skin
Maristella's favorite skincare and beauty products of July and August
Maristella at the American Trade Hotel
Ouai haircare's Rose hair and Body oil
Dr. Roebuck's creamy youth serum is perfect for a nighttime facial beauty routine
Dr. Roebuck's, Ouai, Trilogy and Garnier beauty products
White marble bathroom with subway tiles
Carrara marble bathroom with subway tiles at the American Trade Hotel in Panama