Why Don’t You: Layer a Crop Top With a Shirt

Lately, I’ve been pushing for new ways to combine items I already have in my closet. I get inspired all the time by magazine editorials, fellow bloggers, runways, outfits on Instagram, street style, etc. But instead of rushing to buy exact items or lookalikes, I’ve been trying to figure out ways to mimic them with what I already own. It just feels like such a waste to buy something because I want to shoot it for the blog and then once I post it, it’s like the item is burned out and I don’t want to use it for a long time after that. This needed to change. I had been cleaning out my closet every 6 months and pulling out roughly 8 garbage bags each time. Granted, I pass them on to my niece or I donate them, so it’s not like I actually just dispose of everything, but I’ve still been feeling awfully guilty lately for just always wanting new, new, new! So, when I started seeing all these corset+shirt amalgamations online or around social media, I thought: “I have a (or several) shirt(s). I have a crop top/bustier/corset thing. I should just put them together!”. So, voilà! Here are two old items made into something new. What do you think?

Maristella wears a crop top over a white button down shirt
Maristella layers a basic white shirt under a lemon print bustier
Maristella in Noisy May jeans, Sandro Paris shoes, H&M white shirt and Alice & Olivia bustier
Maristella layers a yellow lemon print crop top from Alice & Olivia with a button down shirt from H&M
Layering idea by Maristella
Red mobile sculpture statement earrings from Mango
Maristella in Sandro Paris shoes, black skinny jeans, a white shirt and yellow bustier top
Maristella in Celine sunglasses and Mango earrings
White shirt layering idea
Cool denim outfit idea
Alice & Olivia lemon print bustier top with a white button down shirt by Maristella
Maristella wears Mango statement earrings