Nina’s Black Friday Deals With Design

One of my favorite new stores in Panama, Nina Concept Store in Obarrio, is joining in on the Black Friday fun with three days of deals! Starting this Thursday, November 27 until Saturday, November 29, Nina will be having selected merchandise on sale, with discounts ranging from 15% to 50% off. To help you navigate through the world of Nina, I’ve teamed up with them to present you with some highlights of their upcoming sale, focusing on some of their most unique brands. Read on below to learn more…


Libeco is a Belgian brand specializing in fine linens. And when I say fine, I mean pretty damn fine! You’ve never touched linen like this before in your life, trust me. When you do, you’re gonna want to sleep on it, wear it, carry your stuff in it, set the table on it and wipe your mouth with it. Luckily, Nina carries a wide variety of products from Libeco. From napkins, to bed sheets, to handbags, they’ve got you covered. What I like most about this brand is that its products are timeless; linen is never out of style, and their designs are classics. Color blocks, stripes, checks… They’re always in and never out, so you can invest in this brand with the reassuring knowledge that you’re buying something you can, and will, use forever.


Opinel is the French maker of legendary knives, known throughout the world as some of the best of their kind. Simple, honest, durable and reliable are some of the qualities that make the Opinel knife the cutting tool of choice for so many, including big names like Pablo Picasso. Whether you need it as an aid to brave the great outdoors, or as a tool to prepare a delicious home-cooked meal, Opinel has a wide range of cutting products (and colors!) to fulfill your every need. They even have kits for kids with finger guards. Hey, I could use one of those! Fun fact; the Victoria & Albert Museum of England named the Opinel knife one of the 100 best designed objects in the world, right alongside the Rolex and the 911 Porsche.


Lona is a portuguese fabric manufacturer; they specialize in a sturdy and durable form of cotton that can withstand sunshine, rain, wind, storms and everyday use. Lona uses this fabric to make many different products and furniture like portable beach and garden chairs, bags and even the sails of boats. They come in different stripe prints and colors, reminiscent of European summers where tents and umbrellas line the shores for miles and miles. I think it’s the perfect accessory to top off any summer look, don’t you? Just imagine yourself walking down to the beach with a Lona chair in hand, while everyone else is struggling with their flimsy plastic equivalents. It’s enough to transport anyone from the Pacific to the Mediterranean quicker than you can say “praia”!


Henry Dean is one of those rare makers than can combine art, craftsmanship, functionality and trendiness into one amazing brand. His eponymous artisanal glassware is a feast for the eyes; making vases, candleholders and all kinds of receptacles in as many colors as the eye can see, and textures like you’ve never seen before. Each item is unique because the glass is handmade and mouthblown. It’s literally art you can use. Henry Dean is a Belgium based family business.


Variopinte is a brand that I am so excited about. I can’t stress my love for enamel enough! This whole line is made up of enamel covered lightweight metal, so it’s easily transportable, unbreakable, and oh so pretty! Nina carries a wide variety of Variopinte products like enameled cutlery, plates and dishes, cooking and serving bowls, and even a picnic basket that can nest plates inside, covered with an enameled metal lid that doubles as a tray. They also come in 11 colors, which Stefania Di Petrillo, founder and principal designer of Variopinte, lists as her biggest inspiration. For her, color is not arbitrarily applied to her products, but more intuitively and with regard to each shape, form and the use of any given product.

All photos by me.