Meet The Girl: Alessa

Happy Thursday, people!!! Today I’d like you to meet Alessa Arias, co-owner of Über Shop –a really rad women’s clothing boutique here in Panama. Alessa is one of those girls who is sort of oblivious to the fact that she’s jaw droppingly gorgeous. She’s got killer gams, an enviable bone structure and a hot pout; she modelled a lot during her teens, but currently only takes a few gigs here and there because she spends most of her time taking over the retail world of Panama with her BFFs and partners, Emily and Teresa; mostly fresh-faced and wearing jeans, sneakers and a button down shirt, owning the #iwokeuplikethis and #modeloffduty look! Of course for this Meet The Girl feature she brought her A game and posed like a pro against the beautiful background of Chanel’s temporary boutique in Bella Vista, Panama.

Alessa’s thoughts on The Girl:

“The one thing I love the most is its size. I’m always looking for a bag that you can put ‘everything and anything’ in. IT’S OUTRAGEOUSLY SPACIOUS! I don’t usually change purses on a daily basis so this bag works wonderfully for me! Apart from being gorgeous and super comfy.”

Alessa is wearing pants from Cameo and shirt from Finders Keepers, shoes from Miista, the Chanel Girl bag in black and beige leather, Chanel Premier Rock watch and tweed necklace. On her lips, Alessa is wearing Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick in “La Romanesque” and Le Vernis Nail Color in “Tenderly” on her nails.

Photography by me. In collaboration with Chanel.