Meet The Girl: Valli

The 2.55, The Lait de Coco Chanel, The Boy, and now… The Girl! Chanel always knows what makes a woman’s heart skip a beat. Mr. Karl has the unfaltering ability to create objects of desire –nay, obsession– season after season; and Spring 2015 is not going to be the exception.

To celebrate the launch of this new It Bag and future fashion icon, I’ve partnered up with the French maison par excellence to show you The Girl through my lens and within the context of four different It Girls’ unique personal style.

First up is Valli Aleman, a foodie –although I think she rarely uses that word to describe herself– and interior designer who is one of the sweetest persons I’ve ever met. Her style is similar to her personality, and even her taste in food. She can indulge in luxury, but she’s not afraid to eat street food; she can mix high with low in the kitchen as well as in her closet; she can be decked out in designer fashions but her obsession with neutrals and basics, paired with an aversion to logo mania, can make it go unnoticed on more than one occasion. She’s also soft-spoken, well travelled and humble; she is a rare combination indeed; and I think that’s really what makes an It Girl, don’t you?

Valli’s thoughts on The Girl:

“I love that it’s so lightweight; you can barely feel it on yourself, it’s like second skin or just one more piece of clothing. Yet, its got a good size; I could even fit my MacBook in it. I like the outer pockets for keeping my things in order; cellphone, keys and things I’d want to find quickly!”

Valli is wearing the Chanel Girl bag in black and beige leather with the Votez Coco wallet in gold, Chanel cuff bracelets, Rouge Coco lipstick in “Adrienne” and Le Vernis Nail Colour in “Paradiso”.

Photography by me. In collaboration with Chanel.

Special thanks to Foodie Market in Punta Paitilla, Panama for letting us shoot in their store.