Meet The Girl: Analida

Last, but not least, on my week long feature of It Girls with Chanel, is Analida Lewis. An art restorer, Analida may be young but there’s a special place in her heart for all things old. She collects all kinds of stuff; Pez dispensers, salt and pepper shakers, rubber duckies, vinyl records –she’s also a DJ and an encyclopedia of music with a soft spot for electro pop, rock, krautrock, funk and techno. Analida travels a lot for music festivals and concerts, but also for the adventure. She’s notorious for travelling without fixed schedule or a date for her return; just, basically, winging it. She’s got a great sensitivity towards other cultures, a curious mind and a wandering eye that make for some great Instagram photos; so make sure to check hers out!

Analida’s thoughts on The Girl:

“I love how whimsical it is; the fact that it looks like a repurposed shirt makes it so unique. I also like that I can make it my own, depending on how I tie it on. I’d personally use it as a fanny pack!”

Analida is wearing the Chanel Girl bag in black and beige leather; Chanel belt, Premier Rock watch and Votez Coco brooch. On her lips she’s wearing Chanel Rouge Coco in “Olga” and on her nails Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color in “Rouge Noir” –a personal favorite of mine!

Photos by me. In collaboration with Chanel.

Special thanks to Canal Zone Antiques in Casco Viejo for letting us photograph in their store.