Daisy Print Dress and Denim Jacket

The dream of the 90s is alive in Saint Laurent Spring 2016. This dress and denim jacket are from the Courtney Love + Kurt Cobain inspired collection. I wasn’t a teenager until the late nineties, so when grunge was in full swing I was still at the sartorial behest of my mother. For the most part of the decade, I looked like a character out of Full House. Then as we got closer to Y2K, I was more on the Clueless-Spice Girls-Sabrina The Teenage Witch spectrum. My sister, on the other hand, experienced all of her twenties throughout the nineties –partially at art school, no less. So she was a total grunge babe back then. I’ve always look up to her in many aspects, and style is one of them; so whenever the 90s start popping up on the runways or on the streets, I always think of her and what a badass she was back then. She’s still a badass now though for other reasons… Like looking insanely fit and hot well into her forties! She’s everything #goals for me.

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Saint Laurent Spring 2016


Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2016


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Wearing a studded denim jacket and daisy print dress by Saint Laurent from Soho Mall Panama with Dolce Vita mules from Felix.

Photos by Raphael Salazar.