Gold Star

Well… what’s there to say? I clearly have a thing for stars, astrology, astronomy, etc. So I obviously fell in love with this Saint Laurent gold star dress… Oh, I also have a thing for gold! Specially in graphic design and print. I’m thrilled when a client asks me for something with foil stamp. Most of my jewelry is gold, too. And the hardware of my bags as well. I always just gravitate towards it. Another thing I couldn’t resist about this dress was the pussy bow neck. I’m starting to notice I have a newfound weakness for bows, which I never would’ve predicted a few years ago. But I guess style is dynamic and it evolves and matures with age! Or devolves? I mean pink and bows aren’t exactly a mature look, haha! Just kidding! But really, what happens to style as one gets older? Style is a┬áreflection of your inner self and how comfortable you are with that; and the older I get, the less f*cks I give! So, really it’s all about being confident and having nothing to prove to anyone! If you want to wear head to toe pink and bows, do it!

Tell me in the comments; how has your style changed recently?

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Wearing a Saint Laurent dress and bag; Zara shoes (similar).

Photos by Raphael Salazar.