10+ Statement Heels In Every Price

Back in New York, my friend Sofia, who lives there, ordered these shoes online. When I saw her open the box I audibly gasped—so much so that she checked to see if she could re-order them (if they were in stock; they were), and gave me the pair she initially got for herself. I thought Mango didn’t have eCommerce for Panama (no one has), so it was a very special gesture on her part. I was flying home the next day, happy as a clam with my new shoes, but when I got back I was so teased by the other things Sofia got—story of our lives—that I went on the Mango website to gawk at all the things I couldn’t buy from home. Little did I know I would find a tiny bag icon right next to “PANAMA” on the drop down menu indicating me to “SELECT COUNTRY”. I frantically perused the website for those sold out Céline-like blue sunglasses, found them, ordered them, and—to my surprise—received them at my door within a week! I know, this is what online shopping is. Well, not for Panamanians! We have to jump through hoops to order online. Anyway, get ready to see a lot more Mango around here. The best part is, I can link all their stuff in my “Shop The Post” widget below, so you can order these babies too! Hurry, before they sell out!

Mango suede mules with statement wooden ball heel
Mango suede mules with statement wooden round heels
Photo by Shini Park of Park & Cube
Mango suede mules with wooden round heels
Mango suede mule sandals with circular wooden heel
Mango suede mules with wooden ball heel
Mango suede mules with wooden ball heel