Matching Sets Are The Easiest Way To Dress For Summer

So, we shot this look in the 30 minutes it didn’t rain on a Thursday. It rained all week, except on the two days either I or the photographer couldn’t fit the session into our schedules. Talk about Murphy’s Law! I had a bunch of other outfits to shoot but since it started to rain again right after these photos, we moved them to the next morning because it rarely rains in Panama during the earliest hours of a day. Well, guess what? I woke up just before my alarm went off because there was lightning and thunder outside! And it was pouring rain! So annoying. You might think its weird to think that one might get seasonal depression living in a “tropical paradise” like Panama, but believe me, it’s more like a hot version of London 60-70% of the time. And this post is about Summer dressing! Ironic, right? Anyway. I can still be a certified expert on how to dress for warm weather, because even when it’s cloudy here, it’s still always very hot. One great trick for looking chic and not have to think about your outfit too much is by wearing matching sets like this one by Moon River. I’ve rounded up a bunch of other sets below, so scroll down for more easy Summer dressing options.

Matching sets are the easiest way to stay chic and cool for the Summer
Maristella wearing a mesh net market tote bag from COS, matching stripe set from Moon River, Celine inspired blue sunglasses from Mango and hammered gold disc earring from Diane Von Furstenberg
Maristella wears a stripe matching set from Moon River, black suede mules from Mango, red net tote bag from COS, blue sunglasses from Mango
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A chic and fresh summer look by Maristella Gonzalez of A Constellation
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How to stay cool and fresh during the summer and still look chic
Mango's sold out Celine-inspired blue sunglasses
Maristella wears a co-ord stripe set by Moon River
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Maristella's 2017 summer style
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