Nanushka Polka Dot Mismatched Set

It’s been a while, I know. I wanted to do a whole fancy announcement but to be honest, life gets in the way a lot these days! So, instead, please accept this post as my way of sharing with you what I’ve been up to for the past five months. We moved to New York! We arrived from Panama on January 6, 2018. It’s been quite the ride ever since. I have an amazing full-time job and we’re all settled into our little Brooklyn apartment, happy as clams; José, Coco and I. Getting Coco here was a bit stressful for me, but I’m happy to report he did very well on the plane. He’s a natural born jetsetter! As for blogging, I had to pause for a bit because the move was a much bigger deal than I anticipated. Emotionally, psychologically and physically. But this blog is my passion and I could not wait to get back to it!

Maristella wearing Nanushka knit sweater and pants with black and white polka dots and Matrix sunglasses
Maristella sipping on a cocktail at Fonda Paraiso in Panama, wearing a Nanushka top and pants polka dot set, Chanel Gabrielle bag and Giant Vintage Carolina sunglasses

There was no better occasion than a trip I made back to Panama three weeks ago with Chanel for the launch of their Coco Beauty Club in Casco Viejo. It was an ephemeral space in a beautiful house on Avenida A, where you could go and get your makeup and nails done with all the latest Chanel beauty product launches. There were also lectures, workshops and panels where one could go learn about beauty techniques and tips from both experts and real people. There was also, of course, one hell of a party! I got to catch up with many friends from Panama and elsewhere, as Chanel also invited other bloggers from Latin America, including my dear Atenas from Honduras/Dominican Republic and Amelia from Colombia. I also met Nane from Costa Rica and fell in love with her style! In between all the fun events, I was able to squeeze in some time to shoot a few outfits. We were staying at the American Trade Hotel in Plaza Herrera, so for this Nanushka look I thought it would be fun to walk across the plaza over to Fonda Paraíso; a newly opened restaurant and bar with the cutest decor—a mashup between Memphis and Tropicalia that was a great “more is more” kind of backdrop for my dotted ensemble. Stay tuned for more on the Coco Beauty Club—and of course more outfits, art, shopping, travel, design and all things A Constellation!

Maristella wears a Nanushka polka dot pants and sweater with Matrix sunglasses, Chanel bag and white ugly dad sneakers by Fila
Maristella in Fonda Paraiso wearing Nanushka and Chanel
Maristella at Fonda Paraiso in Plaza Herrera, Panama
Maristella wears a Nanushka polka dot knit sweater and Giant Vintage Carolina skinny black sunglasses
Maristella wears a Nanushka dots knit sweater and thin black cat eye sunglasses
Maristella wears a Nanushka pants and top with Fila Disruptor sneakers
Maristella wears a dotted set from Nanushka and Fila white chunky sneakers from Urban Outfitters
Maristella wears a Nanushka dot knit sweater and Giant Vintage sunglasses at Fonda Paraiso in Panama