Meet Hesperios—an Artistic and Mindful Knitwear Label

Among the things that had me so excited to move to New York City was the prospect of learning about new things—new restaurants, new artists, new magazines, new labels, etcetera. This city is constantly reinventing itself, taking its residents along with her for a journey of discovery, both of our selves and of our surroundings. One of my latest discoveries since moving here is Hesperios, a New York-based knitwear label lifestyle project founded by Autumn Hruby in 2016. Until recently, I was only a follower of their beautifully curated Instagram account, but after taking this dress to Panama with me in May, I have to say I am a follower of the brand too. I couldn’t believe how this knit number—called the Florence dress— fit me so well. I’ve always shied away from knit pieces; mostly dresses or skirts, because of their unforgiving nature. They never hide any imperfection on my body; no flab or dent was left unnoticed. But this one, ethically and almost fully sustainably made in Perú with baby alpaca and silk, was a game changer. I don’t mean to brag but look at my curves! I felt so beautiful and feminine, subtly elegant and chic. Hesperios also has a shop and café in Nolita, selling not only their knits but also their annual journal of art and culture, in addition to ceramics and other objects curated just as well as their social media.

Maristella wearing a frill neck and pleated detail dress by Hesperios
Maristella wears Hesperios' Florence dress in rust
Maristella wears a curve hugging knit dress by Hesperios
Maristella wears a frill neck and pleat detail knit dress by New York label Hesperios
Maristella wears a dress by Hesperios with a beautiful low back detail
Maristella in Casco Viejo wearing a rust knit dress
Maristella wears Hesperios in Casco Viejo, Panama
Maristella wears a dress by Hesperios, Chanel bag and Mango shoes
Maristella wearing a frill scoop neck knit dress in rust color by Hesperios
Maristella wears a beautiful terracotta color knit dress
Maristella wears Hesperios in Panama
Maristella wearing a full face of Chanel makeup
Maristella wears mindful NY label Hesperios while in Panama

“We know we can’t save the world with knitwear but, wherever Hesperios contributes to our community and industry, we feel strongly that out contribution should be a positive one.”

Maristella wears Hesperios